Great Rhino Megaways

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€500 / $500 / 5000kr
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Great Rhino Megaways slot REVIEW

Great Rhino Megaways ReviewThe Megaways engine has been spreading like wildfire ever since its inception, and Great Rhino Megaways is Pragmatic Plays first slot utilizing their acquired license from Big Time Gaming. It’s always exciting when a new developer decides to go the megaways route, and not least when we’re talking about such a well-established and solid company as Pragmatic Play. The big question is; are they playing it safe in their debut, or going all-in with some insane innovations?

Don’t worry, we will get to all the juicy stuff soon enough, but let’s start with some basics first. First of all, Pragmatic has decided to inject one of their old slots with the megaways steroids brew, namely Great Rhino. The visuals have been improved, and the former 20 paylines have swollen into a 200,704 potential ways to win monster. You have 6 regular reels, 2-7 regular rows and a horizontal top reel that adds an extra row to reels 2 to 5.

The great african plains in the background will shift to “night mode” during the game’s all-important free spins round, and this is really the only bonus feature to talk about here. There is an Ante Bet feature you can switch on, and we recommend that you do, as it will double your chances of triggering the bonus round. You can place bets between 20p and £100 per spin across all platforms and devices, which is unusually high for a megaways game. This allows for massive wins on a highly volatile slot which comes with a 20,000x max win potential.


What symbols are there?

The Cheetah is the alpha on this paytable by far, as all the other animals are not even close when it comes to payouts. In fact, the gorilla pays 10 times less, and he’s the second highest paying symbol here. You’ll also find some other animal symbols that pay out similar smaller amounts, as well as the regular royal symbols of low value. You need between 3 and 6 matching symbols to win, except for the Cheetah who also pays for 2 on a payline. Here is the paytable for Great Rhino Megaways slot:

Cheetah - Pays 50x total stake for 6 on a payline

Gorilla - Pays 5x total stake for 6 on a payline

Crocodile - Pays 2.5x total stake for 6 on a payline

Hyena - Pays 2x total stake for 6 on a payline

Flamingo - Pays 1.5x total stake for 6 on a payline

Royal symbols - Pay between 1.5x and 1x for 6 on a payline

What are the bonus features?

After each win, you’ll trigger the Tumble mechanics which is so common for Megaways engine games (also called Cascading reels or Avalanche feature). It can help you land more winners per spin, as winning symbols are removed to make room for new symbols that drop from above.

This process goes on as long as you keep winning, and you will also benefit from a wild symbol which depicts a stampeding Rhino with a golden horn. The wild symbol will only land on reels 2 to 5 on the top row, however, and it steps in for all regular symbols to help you form winning combinations.

There is an Ante Bet feature you can choose to activate, and it’s located on the left-hand side of the reels. It will increase your minimum bet a little bit, but in return you will effectively double your chances of organically triggering the game’s all-important free spins bonus round.

Free spins in Great Rhino Megaways

Since there is no other kind of bonus game to be found here, the main feature is undoubtedly the free spins round. You need to land at least 3 Great Rhino Golden Coin Scatters on the same spin to trigger the free spins feature. You then get to choose your destiny when it comes to the number of spins you want, and the starting point for the corresponding progressive multiplier. It all works as follows:

15 spins with a progressive multiplier that starts at 1x.

10 spins with a progressive multiplier that starts at 5x.

5 spins with a progressive multiplier that starts at 10x.

Mystery Choice: gives you a random number of spins combined with 1 of the 3 multipliers above.

The progressive multiplier will increase by 1x for each tumble/win, and the good news is that it does not reset on losing spins. Also, there is no upper limit or cap on this multiplier, which means things can get quite interesting here. You can also get extra free spins by landing 3+ scatters during the feature, which gives you 5 new spins with no upper limit as to how many new spins you can get.

How to play

The first thing you need to decide is whether or not you want to activate the Ante Bet option. It will only cost you 25p more if you play with £1 per spin, and it’s well worth considering since triggering the bonus round is pretty much essential for big wins here. In fact, we don’t see any reason not to activate the Ante Bet when it is such a bargain.

The next thing you need to do is choose your bet level, which ranges from 20p to £100 (or 25p to £125 with the Ante Bet option switched on). This is a very solid bet level for a Megaways engine game, as most of them come with a max bet of £20 or below. We are glad to see that Pragmatic Play has decided to end that trend, and allow plenty of room for high rollers to enjoy themselves also.


With up to 200,704 ways to win, this beauty offers more ways to win than many similar games, which is always exciting (although it can feel a bit like a waste in the base game, where you will mostly win small anyway). There is a top horizontal reel in addition to the 6 regular reels, and the tumbling reels feature is what brings most all of the action in the base game.

If you prefer to speed things up a bit, there is a quickspin feature which automatically springs up as an option if you hit the spin button a bit aggressively. You can also spin using the spacebar, which is nice for desktop players who want to avoid mouse arm. Of course, you can also use the autospin feature, which allows for up to 100 autospins and plenty of options when to stop auto-spinning.

Where to play Great Rhino Megaways?

Perhaps you’re eager to take this beauty for a spin or ten already? Don’t worry, we have all the options you need right here. You can play and win real money at one of our many casinos, or you can test the demo version of the game right here on our site.

Play for real money

If you feel ready to jump right into the real money action, we have a bunch of solid and licensed casinos where you can play the Great Rhino Megaways slot right now. Just follow the link below, and you will be taken to our list of top notch casinos that carry this exciting game: Best casinos to play Great Rhino Megaways.

Play free demo version

Playing the demo version of Great Rhino Megaways can be a good idea, as it gives you a nice first impression of the gameplay. You can then decide if this is a game for you, without risking your own money. The demo version gives you plenty of free play, and more than enough to make up your mind. Follow the link below, and you can play the Great Rhino Megaways demo right here on our site: Play Great Rhino Megaways for free.

The 200 Spins Great Rhino Megaways Trial

Whenever we review a new game, we always take it for a 200 spin test run. This is just about enough to give us a first impression, and here we present you with exactly that. These results are in no way statistically significant (as that requires millions of spins), but it’s still an interesting tidbit for you to digest before you check out the game yourself.

We set our bet level to £1 per spin, and did around 100 spins with the Ante Bet turned off at first. Then, after approximately 100 spins, we turned on the Ante Bet, which increased our total bet per spin to £1.25. We always play with the quickspin option turned on if possible (for obvious reasons), and we really like all the options you get if you decide to go for the autospin feature.

The paytable will adjust itself seamlessly according to your bet level, which is always a relief, as it makes it that much easier to see how much each symbol is worth per total stake. The graphics and visuals are nicely done, but nothing extraordinary. The reels take up most of the screen space, while the african savannah can be seen in the background.


As expected, we did not win all that much on our regular base game spins. This is a high volatility game, where bigger wins are expected to come in the all-important bonus round. We did keep ourselves afloat with somewhat regular wins between 2-5 times our stake however, and we got lucky only once on the first 100 spins with a triple tumble that landed us a nice 50x win.

Our hopes were up once again, when we decided to turn on the Ante Bet feature, and we were really looking forward to triggering the bonus round. Perhaps we spun a bit more than 100 rounds, but we did actually manage to trigger the feature in the end. Our luck did not follow us into the bonus round however, as we came out on the other side with a disappointing total win of “only” 230x our stake. But hey, hopefully you have more luck than us with your first 200 spins!

Review Summary

Being Pragmatic Play’s Megaways debut, we had our hopes up a bit up for the Great Rhino Megaways slot. However, instead of smashing it with something brand new and original, the well-established developer has decided to play it safe. This is completely understandable, as it is their first venture into this popular concept, but it’s still a bit disappointing.

Having more than 200,000 paylines is nice, but they will most likely only come to their right in the bonus round. The base game offers smaller wins quite often for a high volatility game, but our advice is to switch on the Ante Bet from the get-go. The unlimited progressive win multiplier is limited only by the max win cap of 20,000x your stake, which is a rock solid potential no matter how you slice it. Being able to play with up to £125 per spin is worth more than a little praise, as most Megaways slots are somewhat crippled by a very low max bet that does not cater to all sorts of players.


Ante Bet feature 2x your chances for triggering the bonus round

Free spins with unlimited progressive win multiplier

High volatility and 20,000x max win potential

Solid max bet of £100 (or £125 with the Ante Bet)


Solid max bet of £100 (or £125 with the Ante Bet)

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Great Rhino Megaways Slot FAQs

What is the Return to Player of Great Rhino Megaways?

The default RTP of the game is 96.58%, though, you can get lower payback due to RTP ranges. Available RTP values are 96.58%, 95.59%, and 94.69%.

What is the biggest possible win?

The max win potential of Great Rhino Megaways is capped at a whopping 20,000 times your stake. While most Megaways engine games are limited by a £10 or £20 max bet, this game is different. If you play with the highest possible stake of £125, you can pocket up to £2.5 million during the bonus round here.

How volatile is Great Rhino Megaways?

This is a high volatility game for sure, and it scores 5 out of 5 possible “lightnings” on Pragmatic Play’s own scale for volatility. You can expect the bigger wins to come during the bonus round, and smaller wins to keep you afloat during the base game. Always adjust your stake to a level so that your bankroll can handle the fluctuations long enough to trigger the free spins feature.

Is there a free spins mode in this game?

Yes, the free spins feature is the main attraction in this game, and the only real bonus feature you’ll find in Great Rhino Megaways slot. It comes with a progressive win multiplier, and this is where the big wins are most likely to come.

Is there a gamble feature?

Not exactly, in the traditional sense at least. You cannot gamble your winnings in a double or nothing fashion. Instead, there is an Ante Bet feature you can turn on or off as you see fit. It cost a little more per spin to turn it on, but it also doubles your chances of triggering the all-important free spins bonus round.

Can I play Great Rhino Megaways for free?

You sure can. Scroll to the top of the review, and you will find a free demo version right here on this site. This means that you can test the game with play money to see if it is to your liking. Then, if you decide to go for it, we also have plenty of casino suggestions up there that offer this particular slot with a nice welcome bonus to boot.

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