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Spaceman slot REVIEW

Spaceman ReviewThe burst (crash, bustabit-like) mechanic hasn’t quite taken the online slot community with storm, but new releases keep cropping up on a regular basis. They usually come from lesser known developers than Pragmatic Play though, so Spaceman game certainly piqued our curiosity from the get-go. The graphics are rather simple compared to their usual slot presentation, but in the ‘crash/burst game’ genre the audiovisuals come across as advanced.

Pitching greed against FOMO (‘fear of missing out’) is a nerve-racking affair, not least if you’re going for higher bet multipliers. As we’ve pointed out in some detail in our 1000x Busta review, the crash concept kind of reverses your pleasure center brain wiring compared to the reward system of a regular slot. It’s a perfect palate cleanser in other words, and Spaceman casino game comes with a ‘50% cashout’ option, presettable auto-cashout levels, a multiplayer chat and a solid 5,000x max win.

Spaceman - Game Screen

Spaceman Game Features

Each round starts once you’ve chosen your preferred stake within a certain time limit, and hit the ‘Confirm Bet’ button. The astronaut Spaceman takes off like some kind of outer space Superman, and the bet multiplier keeps building the higher he goes. The multiplier starts at 1x, and it builds slowly towards the 5,000x win wap.

You will place your bet (between £/€1 and £/€100) up front, and you can also set an auto-cashout limit between 1.01x and 4,999.99x. This is probably a good idea, as you can manually cash out at any given moment anyway. Of course, the Spaceman may crash at any given moment as well, making the whole space voyage a rather tense experience.

As the game round starts, you’ll see 2 new buttons come into play. These are the Cashout and the Cashout 50% buttons. The aim of the game is, of course, to cash out before the Spaceman crashes, as this is the only way to win money. Cashing out 50 % is a way to secure yourself at least some winnings, while allowing the Spaceman to continue his multiplier-increasing journey.

You should also beware that the Spaceman can crash at the very start, before the 1x multiplier has even moved an inch. This means that you, and all other players, lose the bet completely. It does not pay 1x your stake in other words. You can set up both a 50 % auto-cashout limit, combined with a 100 % auto-cashout limit, if you wish.

The 200 Spins Spaceman Slot Experience

We tried our luck more than a few times in this multiplayer crash game installment, and you get to see a handful of our better rounds in the 3:22-minute highlights video below. There isn’t all that much more to say about it, as each round plays out more or less the same, but you can check it all out for yourself by hitting the play button below.

Review Summary

The interesting thing about the crash game concept is that the appeal is pretty much the opposite of what draws players to regular slot games. Instead of hoping to “strike gold” around the next corner, you’re on your toes trying to avoid a loss that can come at any moment. What makes Spaceman casino game stick out from many similar installments, and especially the more primitive early releases, is the improved audiovisual experience.

The core concept is the same as always, cash out before you crash and burn. The auto-cashout and 50%-cashout options are certainly useful, and the multiplayer/chat element adds another layer of excitement to the experience. Going for the handsome 5,000x win cap can be both nerve-racking and expensive, not least in the long run, as there is no consolation prize unless you cash out 50 % before you reach it.

If you appreciate Spaceman Online Game you should also try:

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The Incredible Balloon Machine - is a Crazy Tooth Studio installment in the ‘greed vs fomo’ genre, and here you’ll keep the play button down to inflate balloons as long as you dare. The bet multiplier can increase up to 3,083x, but the balloon can, of course, pop at any given moment.

Golden Hook - is another Crazy Tooth release in the burst genre, and this one comes with a fishing theme instead of balloons. Reel in cash fish for as long as you dare, as the line can snap at any given moment. Random multipliers up to x10 can benefit you at times, and there is even a lucrative cash fish bonus round to look forward to.


Spaceman Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Spaceman?

The Spaceman RTP of 96.5 % is a bit above the industry average.

How volatile is Spaceman slot?

Spaceman slot does not come with artificial volatility. You can determine your own volatility seamlessly via the auto-cashout level feature. Set it low for frequent smaller payouts, or medium to high for less frequent, but larger, payouts.

What is the biggest win possible?

The max win bet multiplier to reach for in Spaceman awards a very decent 5,000x your stake.

Is there a multiplayer element to Spaceman?

Yes, you can chat with other players, but the multiplayer element does not affect the actual gameplay, nor the returns, in any way.

Is there a free spins mode or other bonus features in Spaceman?

There are no real bonus features (or bonus round), as each game round plays out the same. The Cashout 50% button is the closest you come to a bonus feature, as not all similar installments come with that option.

Can I play Spaceman Game for free?

Yes, you can test the free Spaceman demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first). Up there, you’ll also find an overview of casinos we’ve confirmed to carry this title.

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